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How to build your network

People, Mules and Nodes

This topic contain the One.Stop.DTN presentation with an implementation example, also contains the step-by-step guides for the installation and configuration procedures.

This topic is only available on http://elearningdtn.ipn.pt

The lecture present different approaches offered in e-learning DTN such as DTN network, Environmental network or Meteo and One.Stop.DTN. After the explanation of the three types of networks, you will find more information about the One.Stop.DTN network, how to build this network and how it works.

In this lecture we will cover the following topics:

•Different approaches offered in e-LearningDTN

•One.Stop.DTN objectives

•How One.Stop.DTN works

•Example of One.Stop.DTN

•One.Stop.DTN platform

•What’s needed to build a One.Stop.DTN

•Building your One.Stop.DTN

Installation process

In this video we explain the installation process for the Gateway, Outstation, Mule and Node.

Configuration process

In this video we explain the configuration of the Node.

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