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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Portugal

Partner 3: IPN

Instituto Pedro Nunes - Association for Innovation and R&D in Science and Technology is a non-profit private organization founded in 1991. IPN promotes innovation and technology transfer. IPN work is made through RTD in partnership with enterprises. IPN has six laboratories besides accessing a network of researchers in the scientific and technological system, particularly from the University of Coimbra, mainly through the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. In N4C IPN has been responsible for System Architecture and for taken on the role to collaborate and develop contact with the Brazilian governments request for the test of DTN in the Amazonas. In eLearning-DTN IPN will contribute to the development of content in WP2; "3. How to build your network – people, mules and nodes" and for being work package leader for WP 3 ICT; buildning the eLearning training platform, the Moodle. IPN will also contribute to modules; 1. How to start – what you need in form of ICT software and other equipment 2. How to implement software.



António Cunha and Pedro Serra

from IPN developed the eLearning-DTN training Moodle

António Cunha

Mr.António Cunha has an Electrical Engineering degree (Automation, Control and Industrial Production) from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto. He has experience in several areas of development as electronic, instrumentation and automation, and also in the Technology Transfer Process related with the IPNlas research. Mr. Cunha holds his research activities on the Pedro Nunes Institute. His main research areas are wireless and distributed sensors and smart identification. He worked as an investigator on Cybermove project (Transportation Systems for the Cities of Tomorrow) financed by European Community (FP5). Now he is coordinator of two European Projects: WatchIT (Promotion of Innovation Centers and Technology Transfer in SUDOE areas) and Connected Cities (Sustainable mobility and spatial development in EU). Mr. Cunha coordinates the Technology Transfer Platform development and also is the responsible of the business model implementation related with platform kick-off. Mr. Cunha has been involving in the management of Laboratory of Automatic and Systems of Pedro Nunes Institute.

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