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Module 2: How to implement software

The 2nd part of the module is on how to install the software that enable a DTN type of network. The DTN protocol is called DTN2 BP (Bundle Protocol). We explain where to get the software all the components needed to install with it. We will discuss configuration of a DTN and how it works and then complete a tutorial on it and show how parts work.

In this module we will review a Case study on how to implement the Software for a DTN network. We will use the example of what Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Intel combined to implement the reference code of DTN2 in the N4C project.

This module is made up of videos and powerpoint explaing the setup and install process used.

Part 1: N4C village router. Hardware Assembley instructions

This module will explain the design of the DTN2 based router and the software implimentation that Trinity College Dublin (TCD) used on the N4C project. The module broken into 2 parts:the first part will explain the assembley and the second is about how the software build is applied to the gateway.

Box assembley video

Box assembly part 1, this short video explains the box used by TCD in the N4C project was assembled.

Box assembley video part 2

Box Assembley part 2, This short video discribes how the the single board computer used by TCD in the N4C project

Part 2: Software deployment of DTN2 for TCD deployment in N4C.

This lecture is an explaination of what you need to build a router,Mules and boarder node or gateways and also will talk about node naming.After the course you will have the potencial to build DTN village router,DTN mule and DTN gateway

Part 3: DTN2 application design for N4C by TCD

This part of the module will explain DTN2 Application developement using one of TCD's applications in N4C project as an example, the web requestor.

Part 4: Gateway server design

Gateway server design for the N4C project as implemented by TCD and Intel. We review design considerations and server setup.

TCD N4C deployment

Short video explaining TCD's depolyment in the N4C project

Bill of materials for the TCD DTN

This excel file has all the part numbers and links to the components bought by TCD for this N4C project

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