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eLearning a pedagogical method

eLearning is a method developed for training on-line. Courses are run in a large number of subjects from ICT-programming to social studies and vocational training. Development of courses for special target groups such as persons with disabilities, living in rural areas or other needs are promoted today.

Today on-line training courses can be run in different pedagogical forms:

  • the course can be propriety owned or open-source;
  • the course can be run all on-line or in a blended learning situation where participants both study in class and on-line at home.

In eLearning-DTN we will develop a basic course which is presented on-line as an open-source development free for downloading. The course can also be used in classroom and developed further in for specific areas (or for a certain groups needs such as NGOs, SME or industry) in which case the developments will be propriety owned.

eLearning-DTN consortium will test the courses both in blended course settings and in on-line situations.

  • partner MEIS will test deployment of DTN-technology in courses for the staff in the Postojna cave in Slovenia. The cave is one of the major tourist attractions in Slovenia. The first test of the course outline was done in a work shop 10-14 October 2011 at the CSS 2011 Conference in Ljubljana http://cot.uni-mb.si/css2011/index_eng.html
  • partner LTU will test the course on classroom situations and on-line

By these developments and tests the eLearning technology will be taken a step further which the VET (vocation, education and training) sector will benefit from.

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