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Power Lake AB (PLAB), Sweden

Partner 4: PLAB

Power Lake AB (PLAB) is a business development and consultancy organisation specialized in ICT and sustainable development. PLAB undertakes strategic studies with technological and/or socio-economic implications and business and governance development. Since commencement in 1998, Power Lake AB fields of work have been within ICT (broadband coverage and take-up, ICT applications, and testing). Power Lake AB has taken part in a large number of research projects on coverage and take-up of broadband, development of ICT services in energy, culture, and rural development.

In eLearning-DTN PLAB is work package leader for WP6. Valorisation/Exploitation/Dissemination. PLAB will also contribute with work to Module 4. Working with people in deployment - how to recruit user, and to Case: A Deployment to NGO in Swedish Lapland, and Case C: How SME and NGO can deploy/make businesses on DTN.


Ms Barbro Fransson, PLAB, responsible for WP6 Dissemination.

Barbro Fransson

Barbro Fransson has a BSc, from the University of Stockholm in Business Administration, Political Science and Economics and a Licenciate of Philosophy from LTU. Barbro Fransson has served from 1973 and onwards in making studies and evaluations for organisations like The Swedish National Audit Office (RRV), the Swedish Association for Local Authorities etc. She has also been participating as an expert in a number of Governmental commissions and acquired an overview over private and public administration and the financial sector in Sweden from being on the board of a mutual fund.

Scince 1998 Barbro Fransson has been Managing Director and owner of Power Lake Aktiebolag and worked on contracts for European Commission and European consortiums as well as for private companies. She has been acting as a reviewer and evaluator for a large number of projects for DG Information Society, DG Energy and Transport and IEE.


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