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Module 1 What you need to start

Module 1 is broken into two parts

The first part of the course explains the skills and hardware and software required to build a DTN. We discuss hardware types and show examples. We explain the software required and how applications can work on a DTN. We also touch on Network design and what considerations you need to take in when designing a DTN network.

The 2nd part of the module is on how to install the software that enable a DTN type of network. The DTN protocol is called DTN2 BP (Bundle Protocol). We explain where to get the software all the components needed to install with it. We will discuss configuration of a DTN and how it works and then complete a tutorial on it and show how parts work.

This should give you a better understanding of whats required to build a DTN from the point of software, hardware and an understanding of your local infrastructure.

Part 1: What you need to start

Module 1 of the DTN elearning course. This modules title is “what you need to start” This module will describe the hardware and software components needed to setup a DTN.

We will also review the skills we believe are necessary to put a DTN in place. These skills are not all technical. People skills are also very import as you will see throughout this course.

Part 2. DTN2 configuration

Part 2 of Module 1 will explain how to start DTN2 configuration,will show the operation system and DTN2 installation,explain DTN's application programming interface(You will find all information about DTN2 from download to start).

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