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Test of work-in-progres

Use of DTN in Swedish Lapland - work in-progres

Photo Ms. Annelie Päiviö and Ms.Kerstin Kemlén 

Ms. Annelie Päiviö, Jokkmokk, and Ms. Kerstin Kemlén, Råbäcken, are developing a hotel in Jokkmokk close to the national park. In the park no masts can be built and mobile telephone connection is poor. Their business needs are to communicate with presumtive customers who move around in the national park.


Ms. Annelie Päiviö and Ms. Kerstin Kemlén tested if DTN can be used in their future tourist hotel and found that it can be run within Ms. Päivö´s and Ms. Kémlen´s planned SME or it can be operated as a common pool resource open for all people living or moving in the area. If it is run within the SME it will be financed by the owner of the hotel, and if it is a common pool resource other financiers have to contribute.

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