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WP6 Valorisation / Exploitation /Dissemination

Task 6.4 Make a final dissemination and communication plan - responsible PLAB

Task 6.5 Make an exploitation/business plan - responsible PLAB

Task 6.1.1-6.1.2 Produce Newsletters (2 issues) - responsible PLAB

Task 6.3 Overhaul the work shops arranged in WP2 and WP4 - responsible LTU

Task 6.6 Arrange the deployment meeting in Stockholm - responsible LTU

Task 6.2 Produce Flyer - responsible PLAB

Task 6.7 Develop a project web site PLAB

Result (Deliverables)

D.6.1.1 Newsletters issue 1  and  D.6.1.2 Newsletter issue 2

D.6.2 Printed material – flyer

D.6.3 Deployment meeting (in Sweden)

D.6.4 Communication and Dissemination plan

D.6.5 Exploitation/Business plan

D6.6 Project web site

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