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Working with people

In this section you find material about user interfaces for DTN and also material that introduce the basics of Why and How to involve users in your design and development process. There are video lectures and you also find some links to internet sources, where you can go further into this topic if desired. This topic is only available on http://elearningdtn.ipn.pt

The topic contains:

How to improve the usability of your DTN system

This lecture is about how to improve the usability of your DTN system or product. When starting to develop your network or service you have an idea about who and what situation your product is for. In order to secure the quality of your design you might use data on user preferences, needs and requirements.

Creating user interfaces for DTN services

In this lecture you will find information about how to create user interfaces. The course will help you to think about the usability and efficiency of your interfaces.

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