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How to build and implement DTN based internet access with gender and cultural sensitive approach (eLearning-DTN) is the name of a unique learning platform that explains how a network step-by-step can be established in areas that lack internet infrastructure. The technology that is used is called Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN), originally created by NASA for space communications and taken further by the N4C consortium. N4C research and development is in turn built on projects carried out in Swedish Lapland since beginning of year 2000. eLearning-DTN is a how-to-do-it course that transfer innovation from that development (www.n4c.eu) into practical usage. The development of the eLearning-DTN platform was financed by EU:s Life Long Learning program.


The InterPlanetary Networking Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) aims to realize a functional and scalable system of interplanetary data communications before the year 2020. Membership in IPNSIG is international and interdisciplinary. The IPNSIG has promoted the eLearning-DTN courses that now are available. Read more about it:


eLearning-DTN explains how DTN can be used and how people can build their own network. The course is free of charge and the investment cost for the network is low as hardware that is used is commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ready-made and available for sale equipment that can be bought everywhere. Software that is used is mainly Open Source Software (OSS). Partner in eLearning DTN has been IPN, Coimbra, Portugal, MEIS, Slovenia and Power Lake AB in Sweden. Work has been coordinated by Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Sweden.

Learn more about how to build a DTN network

Below you get some examples of what type of training-material eLearning-DTN team has developed. If you follow the links you can look at some of the videos/training material. Please be aware of that the videos uses10-15 MB so they may take some time to download.

Overall Introduction to DTN

Video by Maria Udén, Assistant Professor at LTU  (Voice by Elisaveta Potapova)

How to Deploy DTN in Rural Area - Deployment in Swedish Lapland

Video by Samo Grašič, PhD student at LTU

Tips about how to achieve a user friendly design

Power Point Presentation by John Näslund, PhD student at LTU

Example from Postojna in Slovenia

Video with text and music by Marija Zlata Boznar, PhD, Boštjan Grašič, PhD, Primož Mlakar PhD and Darko Popović.

What you need to start – Basic requirements for DTN

Video by Kerry Hartnett, Tolerant Networks Ltd.

How SMEs and NGOs can deploy do business on a DTN and examples from deployment

Video 1: What you need to deploy/do business on DTN

Video 2: Examples of deployment of DTN-based internet access 

by Barbro Fransson, Power Lake AB

You also find more videos on the Training Platform page. The complete course is available at the moodle developed by Pedro Serra and António Cunha at the Instituto Pedro Nunes http://elearningdtn.ipn.pt

​Introduction about the eLearning-DTN project is also available in following languages:

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